Promotional Video

Released: 2020

Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes (WNSMK) came to us looking for a long form promotional video to mark their 10th anniversary. They wanted a video that would showcase the work that WNSMK had done over the past 10 years and would help generate donations. With World Homelessness Day approaching, they thought it would be the perfect time to release a video promoting their charity.

We wanted the video to tell the story of the organisation from day one and to celebrate all it had achieved. We used a mixture of previous footage and new interviews to show how the organisation began, how it had progressed and how it looks now.

WNSMK has a huge impact on the homeless people in Milton Keynes, with many success stories, and we felt these were important to hear in the video so we included interviews from the guests who have been helped by WNSMK. Finding yourself homeless could happen to anyone, WNSMK offers these people a helping hand to restart their lives and look forward to their future – this was the central message we emphasised in the video. 

The charity was thrilled with the video, and it is currently the best performing video on their Facebook page. The video was 13 minutes long and shone a light on the organisation’s past 10 years. 

Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes (WNSMK) 10 years video

Production Company | Movement Films
Videographer l Matthias Djan
Editor | Bernadeta Beange