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Deon is an independent feature film being shot by Matthias Djan. Being led by London based production company Fresh Media Productions, and directed by Paris Walker, this film is still in production with filming scheduled to be completed during 2022.

The story follows the young man Deon, who losses his father to knife crime. We go on a journey with Deon who struggles with his loss, as he looks for a way to continue on with life. This gripping drama, deals with the topics of family, loss, mental health, knife crime and more.


Robyn is a beautiful coming of age dance film written and directed by Chloe Kennedy. Headed up by production companies Cardboard Moon Pictures, Movement Films and Chloe Kennedy Films, this film has shown and won at a number of festivals across the UK, most notable Cinemagic Film Festival.

Robyn centres around a young woman of the titles name who struggles with social anxiety and depression. Robyn is able to express herself through the medium of tap dance in as she escapes from reality.

Since shooting this film Director of Photography Matthias Djan has teamed up with the talented Chloe Kennedy many times.


Voyager is a gripping science fiction drama written and directed by Liam Calvert

Celeste Clarke is an astronaut, who prepares to leave Earth on a one-way mission to space. We follow her journey as she has to comes to terms with leaving everything she’s ever known, including her single aging mother, Angelique. 

Voyager is a grounded sci-fi film that focuses on a beautiful mother-daughter relationship. This film is brought to life by Matthias Djan’s intimate cinematography, capturing this bittersweet story.