Before Dust Returns

Short Film – Drama


Before Dust Returns is a sombre, melancholy, cryptic story where a woman makes a realisation about her source of inner peace, and the process is as surreal as the destination is unexpected.

We follow Eve as she goes on this personal journey of discovery.


Director | Omar Yousaf
Production Company | Existential Pictures
Producer | Omar Yousaf
Writer | Omar Yousaf

Director of Photography | Matthias Djan
Production Manager | Clary Chee 
1st Assistant Camera | Francesco Di Ilio
Sound Recordist | Miles O’Shea
Production Assistant | Michaela Diamondi, Allana del Rosario, Noah Maynard, William Lincoln

Editor | Rati Abazadze
Assistant Editor | Harpreet Singh
Colourist | Filipe Fernandes
Composer | Eranan Thirumagan
Sound Designer | Ben Harris Hayes
Trailer and End Credits Score Composer | Sebastian Hyatt
Recorded Performers Taus – Omar Yousaf Vocals – Caroline Trutz Percussion – Michael Armitage
Graphic Designer | Selina Abdul Kareem


Lauren Budd as Eve
Molly Pepper Tuer as Young Girl
Paddy Glynn as Old Lady
Tom Laker as Aaron
Andrew Norman as Doctor
Joanna Weiss as Nurse
Elektra Coralini-Tokkos as Rebecca
Susan Aiers as Mother