Blue Snakes

Proof of Concept – Crime Thriller

Post Production

Blue Snake delivers a gripping tale of revenge, redemption, and the cost of standing up to corruption and incompetence. Through complex characters and interwoven plot lines, the script explores the blurred lines between right and wrong, ultimately highlighting the lengths some are willing to go to seek justice and make amends for past mistakes.

Det. Insp. Vinve Belfoire faces the strain of corrupt and cynical supervisors, personal demons, and strained relationships, all while investigating serious offences, escalating crimes that threaten the underbelly of the city.


Director | Iago Montgomery-Jarvis
Producer | Iago Montgomery-Jarvis
Writer | Iago Montgomery-Jarvis

Director of Photography | Matthias Djan
Executive Producer | Dean Bloomfield & Paul Sultana
Camera Assistant | Fraser Pearson
Gaffer | Fraser Pearson
Sound Mixer | Muneeb Baig
Production Assistant | Hermione Sapphire Graham

Editor | Rowan Copeland


Paul Sultana as DI Vince Befliore
Iago Montgomery-Jarvis as John Graff
Joe Allan as DC Paul Jacobs
Nathan Hymer-Bates as Ray
Paul Chinkwende as Zack Keppins
Waseem Mirza as Marcus