Brother's Keeper

Short Film – Drama

In Post-production

Two brother’s rekindle their relationship as the prodigal son returns home. In Brother’s Keeper, Leon’s day is interrupted by the return of his older, elusive brother Danté. Brother’s Keeper looks at the relationship between these two estranged brothers as Danté tries to reconnect with his younger brother. Old memories are dredged up as the two of them look at where their relationship fell apart.

Behind the scenes from short film Brother's Keeper, directed by Tobore Dafiaga

Director | Tobore Dafiaga
Producer | Tobore Dafiaga
Writer | Tobore Dafiaga

Director of Photography | Matthias Djan
1st Assistant Camera | Charlie Brunskill
Spark | Eva Fischer
Sound Recordist | Charlie J Hinde
Runners | Mase Okor and Jonas Andrew-Phillip


Louis Nicholson as Leon
Andre Burton-March as Danté
Caroline Nield as Nala
Geovanna Lewin- Rowe as Georgia