Comings and Goings

Short Film – Drama


Comings and Goings is an ode to the beauty of human connections. Set against the backdrop of a simple park bench, our narrative weaves together brief encounters, fleeting moments, and meaningful connections that speak to the profound significance of the small moments in our lives.


Director | Lowri Sams & Seren Sams
Producer | Lowri Sams & Seren Sams
Co-Producer | Greta Fazzi
Writer | Lowri Sams & Seren Sams

Director of Photography | Matthias Djan
1st Assistant Camera | Christina & Ines Silva
2nd Assistant Camera | Greta Fazzi

Gaffer | Polina Rubis

1st Assistant Director | Christine Janumala
2nd Assistant Director | Vishakha Upadhaya

Sound Mixer | Cris Fells
Stills | Sushant Karki


Eluned Hawkins as Effy
Rio Pettersen as Tara
Myriam Angela as Ayala
Archie Steele as Josh
Chloe Campbell as Izzy
Komal Ghambole as Maddie
Victoria Lavan as Ava
Zoe Antoniou as Kyla
JD Figaro as Eli
Gabriela Gibbs as Yasmin
Lorcán Doyle as Noah
Dandan Liu as Noah’s Mum