Feature Film – Drama | Crime


Deon is the first feature film from production company Fresh Media Productions. The film follows Deon a young man who is the star player of his local football team Townsgate. Deon tragically loses his father to knife crime and struggles to move on with his life and deal with the grief. This Drama feature film tackles themes of depression, loss, family, crime and therapy.

Behind the scenes from Deon Feature Film with Director of Photography Matthias Djan

Kieran James as Deon
Lashonda Morgan as Valerie
Caroline Nield as Joelle
Zai Sylla as Danielle
Casey Jones as Dre
Darran Oderinde as Donte
Trésor Cédric as Reverend
Rico Morris as Dre’s Friend 1
Zorrel Graham as Dre’s Friend 2
Maria Paraskeva as Zoe
Massimo Guasti as Referee
Louise Lintott as News Reporter
Maxime Bonett as Youth Worker


Director | Paris Walker
Production Company | Fresh Media Productions
Producer | Christian Okeiyi
Writer | Jonathan Mutoka
Story | Paris Walker and Christian Okeiyi

Director of Photography | Matthias Djan
1st Assistant Camera | Faisal Khan, Stephanie Chin Yin Ho, Jecelnena Gubatan and Grace Forster
2nd Assistant Camera | Jecelnena Gubatan, Eva Fischer, Dominic Brown, Timothy Lee, Grace Forster, Lauren Walker
B Camera Operator | Jermaine Malcolm, Faisal Khan, Timothy Holmwood, Dominik Cromack, Grace Forster

Gaffers | Berenika Golebiowska, Mariana Roncalli, Jermaine Malcolm and Timothy Holmwood
Sparks | Eva Fischer, Dominic Brown, Grace Forster

Sound Mixer l Charlie J Hinde
Boom Operator | Olly Kent

Script Supervisor | Lily-Mae Gaynor-Smith and Valeria Samsohkina
2nd Assistant Director | Tobore Sonia Dafiaga
Production Assistant | Amin Rocco, Eva Fischer, Grace Forster, Dominic Brown, Tom Williams, Daniel King, Lauren Walker, Rose Fellah

Hair & Make Up | Zalon
SFX Make Up | Kusum Verma