MKHP: What Would You Do?

Social Media Campaign

Released: 2020

Milton Keynes Homelessness Partnership (MKHP) are a charity with a vision to end homelessness in Milton Keynes, through working with and joining up the different bodies within the homelessness sector. They came to us look for us to produce a series of videos for them, to launch on World Homelessness day, in order to raise awareness of their fairly new charity; help change perceptions towards homeless people, explain what their charity does, and encourage more people to donate to their cause.

We decided to produce short, but powerful social media videos that allowed for a variety of voices to be heard, and for many people to share their stories. We went for a very stripped back approach, with people talking to camera, with nothing distracting from their compelling stories. Also we produced a promotional video for MKHP, giving more of an overview of what they do, also hearing from the different organisations they work with.

Our videos have been part of a successful Facebook Ad campaign, touching many Milton Keynes citizens hearts, helping remove some of the stigma around homeless people, whilst raising awareness of the work MKHP are doing.

Behind the scenes from MKHP social media campaign What Would You Do? Helping end homelessness in Milton Keynes

Production Company | Movement Films

Director of Photography | Matthias Djan
Editor | Matthias Djan