Short Film – Sci Fi | Fantasy

In Post-production

Oneiros follows Josh who lives alone and has just discovered his country has go into lockdown due to COVID-19. As Josh starts to get used to his boring, lonely lockdown life, he finds his dreams begin to seep into his reality.

Oneiros was a very unique project as it was shoot during lockdown with a two person cast and crew. Bernadeta Beange directed the film remotely over video call, whilst Matthias starred in the film whilst juggling all other crew positions, making this a very fun, but challenging project.

Behind the scenes of Movement Films production Oneiros short film

Director | Bernadeta Beange
Production Company | Movement Films
Producer | Matthias Djan and Bernadeta Beange
Writer | Bernadeta Beange

Director of Photography | Matthias Djan
Editors | Matthias Djan and Bernadeta Beange
VFX Artists | Ryan Munt, Thomas Morton and Collin Davies
Sound Designers | Dom Lancaster and Hugo Pereira
Composer | Martin Meredith


Matthias Djan as Josh