Table for One

Short Film – Dark Comedy


Table for One follows Mo’s work day at his family’s restaurant as an interesting customer enters for a meal. Sylvia is a strange women who visits the restaurant for dinner with her invisible boyfriend. As Mo plays along he tries to figure out if Sylvia is crazy, playing a con or if something else is going on.

Behind the scenes from Table for One Dark comedy film

Director | Quinn Pohl
Producer | Quinn Pohl
Writer | Quinn Pohl

Director of Photography | Matthias Djan
AC | Jubair Khan
Spark | Hasnain Butt
Sound Recordist | Aaron Kennedy
Hair and Make Up Artist | Kendra Thain
Runner | Leila Miglinci, Aiko Dayap and Jacqueline Dominguez


Harish Goutam as Mo
Leila Miglinci as Sylvia
Lakhveer Azad as Chef
Nicholas Anscombe as Ed