There, There

Short Film – Drama

Released: 2020

‘There, There’ tells a very small, intimate story as Kat is pushed outside here comfort zone as she needs to console a distraught work colleague. Whilst over at Eve’s house, Kat is put in the awkward position of being around whilst Eve receives some upsetting news. Wanting to run away from the situation, Kat has to make the decision to swallow her nerves and offer support, or go with her instincts and get out as quick as possible. There, There was an official selection at The Lift-Off Sessions Film Festival 2020.

Behind the scenes photo of laughing actor being directed

Director | Bernadeta Beange
Production Company | Movement Films
Producer | Matthias Djan and Bernadeta Beange
Writer | Bernadeta Beange

Director of Photography | Matthias Djan
Sound Recordist | Jake Parker
Editor | Bernadeta Beange