Tin Cans

Short Film – Drama

In Post-Production

Tin Cans follows the developing friendship of Rob and Carol, two people who meet online in a gardening class during lockdown. The two of them comfort and entertain each other during the uncertain times that the first lockdown were. Tin Cans centres around getting to know people and creating connections wherever you are. 

Tin Cans was shot simultaneously in Germany and England, with one actor and set of crew in each country. The actors performed with each other through video call and the crew’s communicated with each other through the same means.

Behind the scenes from Tin Cans short film

Director | Tom Senjo
Producer | Sophie Helbig
Writer | Sophie Helbig

Director of Photography | Matthias Djan and Roman Redzimski
Runner | Adrian Bredebusch


Sophie Helbig as Carol
Benjamin Kelm as Rob