Still from True Purpose short film Director of Photography Matthias Djan

True Purpose

Short Film – Drama

In Post-Production

True Purpose follows a man who has recently been diagnosed with cancer. We follow his experience telling his son about his disease, and existential discussions on life surrounding that. True Purpose is based on a true and very personal story, as we see insight into the minds of two people experiencing this very challenging moment in their lives.

Behind the scenes photo from True Purpose short film

Director | Ben Sanderson
Production Company | Sanderson Productions
Producer | Ben Sanderson
Writer | Ben Sanderson

Director of Photography | Matthias Djan
AC | Mark Breecher
Gaffer| Matt Walters
Sound Recordist | Alex Savage

Editor | Mark Breecher and Joe Green


Ben Sanderson as Son
Richard Simpson as Dad
Tom G York as Henry
Nina Dylan as Mum
Joe Green as Adrian
Bushra Baig as Laura
George Boateng as Dan